How do templates get on the Community page?

Templates you post on your public profile are instantly visible on your page. Your subscribers will receive an email that you have published new material. However, templates are moderated before appearing on the Community page to maintain the high quality of user-generated content.

Please note that only templates in English are currently included on the Community page. If your materials are made in other languages, don’t worry: soon, we plan to finalize the community functionality and make it possible to share projects in all languages ​​worldwide.

What if your project is in English but doesn’t appear on the community page?

With a large number of publications, moderation may take some time. Moderators evaluate the compliance of templates with the rules of the platform, as well as the overall level of execution. Main criteria:

  • The template must be related to education

  • The author’s profile and the template description must be filled out correctly and in detail.

  • Pictures must be neat and not contain watermarks and other extraneous elements.

  • The project preview must match the content of the project.

  • All interactive blocks should work correctly

If the project does not fully meet the criteria, it will not be displayed on the Community page. You can modify the original project and publish a new template anytime.

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