How teachers can get an Interacty subscription for free?

Interacty launches the “Subscription in exchange for action” promotion! From now on, teachers can get any advanced plans for free by completing one of the small tasks.

For educational plans only

"Beginner" for a month – rate Interacty

Rate and write a short review about Interacty on Capterra or G2.

“Intermediate” for a month – post on a social network

Write a post about Interacty in your social network. You can share your experience or tell colleagues about the game mechanics you like. The minimum post size is 300 characters.

“Advanced” for a month – publish the template in the Interacty Community

Do you have valuable materials you would like to share in the Interacty Community? Publish your project as a template, and get a free Advanced subscription for a month if it passes moderation. Templates in English are accepted. You can find detailed instructions here.

“Beginner” for a year – an article on your website or blog

Write a short article about Interacty and publish it on your website or blog. The minimum article size is 1000 characters.

“Intermediate” for a year – video about Interacty

It can be a brief overview of the service or a story about your personal experience. Could you tell other teachers how to create your project or how your students reacted to the interactive lesson? The video can be posted on YouTube, and the minimum length is 2 minutes.

If you have done one of the actions – reach us on, and attach a link to the material! We will gladly give you a subscription. Published reviews and materials should not be deleted after the subscription is provided.

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