Storage Limits

What is Storage Size

Storage size is one of the features that depends on the tariff plan you choose. This feature controls the amount of files you can use in your projects:

Storage size feature on Interacty

In the case above, this means that you will have 10 GB of storage. Let's see how it works!

Calculation Example

The average size of an audio file is about 1.5 MB and average size of a Full-HD picture is 2 MB. This means you can use 10000 audio files or 5000 images. It's actually a lot, right? Here is a demonstration:

calculation example

Why we do not mention video files in this article? As easy as pie! Video files are added to the project using the embed system and do not take up space on your storage. Therefore, there is absolutely no need to worry that the size of your storage may not be enough.

Please note that only audio and images will consume the storage limit. Videos are added by link and do not affect the storage size.

Good luck!

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