How Can I Remove All Interacty Branding Elements (White Label)?

What is white label?

White label is a feature that removes all Interacty branding elements from your project, allowing you to integrate it into your website without any visible connection to Interacty. The following elements will be removed:

  • Interacty attribution

  • A Loading logo (animated dandelion)

  • The Interacty logo, previously located in the upper left corner of the published project

    Please note that you can further personalize your project by incorporating branding elements of your choice, such as your company logo and other elements, directly into the project itself, just as shown in the example below.

Here is how the regular project looks:

project on Interacty without white label feature on

Now, let's take a look at the project with the Whitelabel feature enabled:

project on Interacty with the Whitelabel feature enabled

This feature is also applied to Multiplayer (Real-Time Game Event):

Demonstration of a white label feature on Interacty

To see the difference for yourself, here are two links: one showcasing the regular project and another featuring the project with the whitelabel feature enabled. Click on each link to explore and compare the two versions firsthand.

What tariff plans include white label?

Here is a list of tariffs that include the white label function:

  • PRO

  • PRO+

  • Organization Business

  • Enterprise

This feature is also available for individual project subscriptions, including:

  • Whitelabel

  • Gamification

  • Event

To enable this feature for your project, simply switch to one of our tariff plans. The removal of all branding elements occurs automatically immediately after switching, without the need for any manual intervention.

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