How to Customize Text and Elements in Your Interacty Project

Interacty provides a range of tools to tailor your projects to your specific needs. However, sometimes you might need to make precise changes. In this tutorial, we'll walk you through the process of customizing text or other elements within your Interacty project.

Let's imagine you've created a beautiful game with a gamification feature. However, instead of having your customers enter their phone numbers, you want them to input their first and last names. Let's address this specific need by customizing the text.

Demonstration of a default text on Interacty project

Step 1: Access Custom Translations

Begin by opening your project in the Interacty editor. Locate and click on the "Custom Translations" button. This is the key to making the desired changes.

Custom translations button on Interacty

Step 2: Examine Project Text Details

After clicking "Custom Translations," click on the "Parse Text" button to reveal all the text elements within your project.

After clicking "Custom Translations," click on the "Parse Text" button to reveal all the text elements within your project

Step 3: Identify and Modify the Targeted Element

Scroll through the list of project text elements until you find the one you want to modify. In our example, let's change the "Nickname" field to "Enter your first and last name". Once you've located the "Nickname" field, click on the green plus icon beside it to initiate the modification process.

Changing the "Nickname" field to "Enter your first and last name" on Interacty platform

Step 4: Specify the New Text

In the pop-up window, specify the language you want the text to appear in. For our example, we're changing "Nickname" in English to "Enter your first and last name" in English, so enter "en" in the language field. If you're from another country and wish to use another language, input the appropriate language code instead of "en" for English.

Writing "en" tag to your in the language field

Step 5: Customize the Text

After specifying the language, you'll notice a new "en" field alongside the "Nickname" option. Click on the edit icon (pencil) next to "en" to enter the text you want users to see. In our case, type "Enter your first and last name".

Entering the text you want users to see on Interacty platform

Step 6: Save Your Changes

Once you've entered the desired text, click "Save" to save your changes.

Saving changes by clicking Save

Step 7: Congratulations!

You've successfully customized the text or element in your Interacty project. From now on, users will see the new custom text ("Enter your first and last name" in our example) instead of the original "Nickname" field.

Demonstration of ready project with replaces text on Interacty platform


You can use this method to modify any text, fields, buttons, or elements within your Interacty project to better suit your needs. Good luck with your customized project! 🎉

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