How to Set Up a Webhook for your Lead Form?

If you want to set up a Webhook for your Lead Form, here is a quick guide. Lead Form might be configured as a separate block or as a part of the game or quiz.

Lead Form data passed through Webhook

Data sent when standalone Lead form submitted:

  "firstName": "Nick",
  "lastName": "Buyers",
  "phoneNumber": "+12300000000",
  "customField1": "My Street, Kingston, New York 12401",
  "company": "ACME LLC",
  "companyURL": "",
  "sessionId": "61274791",
  "email": ""

Lead Form in Game data example

These data will be sent when user fills Lead form and completes the game:

  "lastName": "Buyers",
  "gamification_isGameFinished": "true",
  "gamification_numberOfInteractions": "14",
  "gamification_spentTime": "00:27.859",
  "customField1": "Content Manager",
  "gamification_date": "2022-06-08 15:11:14.749",
  "companyURL": "",
  "sessionId": "61316897",
  "gamification_email": "Buyers",
  "firstName": "Nick",
  "phoneNumber": "+123000000",
  "gamification_name": "Nick",
  "gamification_sessionId": "61316897",
  "gamification_numberOfGames": "1",
  "company": "Acme LLC",
  "gamification_isWin": "true",
  "email": "Buyers"

How to configure Webhook

Open your project in the editor and select a block with the ability to collect data (lead form, for example). Then, click Edit:

For Games and Quizzes: select a game block, click Show lead form on the right panel and then Customize.

Scroll down until you see a Webhooks in Integrations section. Click Set up button:

You will see Webhooks Integration settings window. Here, you can add and manage your Webhooks:

Let's see how it works. We use to test webhooks since it's a free and safe way to generate public webhook endpoint. No registration needed.

Go to the and copy your unique URL:

Turn back to Interacty page, paste a link and click Add:

You will see your link in the Connected Webhooks section:

It's done! After you add your link and people start to submit your form, you will receive lead data:

Note that you can also receive data from such quizzes as Trivia and Personality.

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