Leaderboard Analytics

Analytics feature allows you to check leaderboards with the best player results of the game.

Important note: this function supported for PRO+ and higher subscriptions only.

Let's see how you can set up a leaderboard to your game by using Memory as an example. To do this, click on statistics/leads button in my project tab.

My project page on Interacty

Choose Memory tab on the left panel.

Leaderboard Analytics for Memory Game on Interacty

You will see leaderboard with the best player results of the game.

Leaderboard statistics on Interacty

Current leaderboard has Active status (green icon). You can export players data to your computer by clicking Export CSV button.

Exporting leaderboard statistics on Interacty

Please note time field aligned to UTC-0 timezone.

You will get a document to your computer.

CSV file including lead form data

Data clarification

Let's consider columns in details:

  • Position - user's place in the top. Only best user time saved!

  • Name - nickname user input before game starts

  • Email (optional) - email user inputs before the game, active if you selected "Ask user email" setting

  • Credential - autogenerated unique user id

  • Number of tries - how many times user played the game. Each time user may get different results.

  • Number of Interactions - number of actions user made in the game. For example, in memory "interaction" is a pair opening, no matter successful or not.

  • Best time - time user spent in the game

Start a new rating

If you want to reset all progress, click on Start a new rating button. New leaderboard will be created for your game and players progress resets. It can be useful if you want to start new competition every day.

starting a new leaderboard rating on Interacty

Now you can see closed status on your leaderboard.

Previous leaderboard will be frozen, and you cannot change it.

Previous leaderboard will be frozen

New leaderboard has been created. All new results will appear in this section.

New leaderboard has been created on Interacty

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