Number of Attempts

This feature allows you to set a limit of playing for your games.

Important note: this function supported for PRO+ and higher subscriptions only.

Let's learn how you can set a number of attempts to your game by using Memory game as an example. Once you are in the editor, click anywhere in the working space. You will see the additional features panel on the right side of your screen.

Start to set a leaderboard, by checking the enable player ratings box.

Finally, you can set number of attempts. Write amount of attempts to let user play this game only certain amount of time. We will set it as 1.

When we determine the number of tries user can play, we are actually tracking the user's browser. User can play again only if he change his browser.

Now let's publish the game and see how it works.

Now, after the first game user will get a message that his attempts are over. His best result will be shown in the rankings below.

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