What is Gamification?

Gamification is an amazing feature for education and business. It allows you to connect the leaderboard to games and some other options, such as access to the game by code or displaying stars as a result. Basically, it's a concept of applying game mechanics and game design elements to engage your audience and motivate people to educate and learn new things.



The Benefits of Gamification


For education:

  • Makes learning process more effective and fun;
  • Increasing student engagement;
  • Creates an addiction to learning;
  • Friendly competition and desire for an award increases motivation to learn;
  • You will always be able to check the results of your students.


For business:

  • Gamification process increases customer engagement;
  • Provides clear calls to action;
  • Challenges and awards increases motivation and productivity;
  • Helps you to collect all statistics and data from your customers.



Interacty's Gamification Mechanics


Free to use. You don't need any special subscription:

  • Game Lead Form helps you to collect emails and other information of potential customers, like a basic lead form. But did you know that you can also add a lead form to any game in your project, such as Memory, Puzzle, Hidden Object and other ones?


  • CTA Button (Call to action button) allows you to direct players to the prize claim screen or make a promotional unique offer. CTA button will appear on screen in the end of the game


  • Timer is a feature which you can add to your project if you want to make your game more competive and interesting for users. Use timer for time count or if you want to set time limit for passing the game


Features which are available only in PRO+ and higher subscription:

  • Project Access is feature which helps you to set the privacy settings in your project. You may limit your project accessability. Users must input correct password to enter the game


  • Leaderboard allows you to add a player rating for your project. Student must input his name and see his own result in the end of the game. Also, after completing the game, users will see a list of players sorted by their best time


  • Links to Service Policies helps you to set service policies in your game, if needed. User will have to agree to them to enter the game


  • Number of attempts is a feature which you can use for set a limit of playing for your games


  • Ask User's Email allows you to ask user email before the game. Once this function is on, user must write his email to start the game. You will be able to watch all users data (including emails) in statistics after the game


  • Stars Indicator helps you to show stars on the game result screen, according to how much time the user spent


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