This feature allows you to add a player rating for your project. After completing the game, users will see a list of players sorted by their best time.


When this feature is activated, the player will see a timer that will count the time.

Important note: this function supported for PRO+ and higher subscriptions only.

Leaderboard is supported for the following games:

  • Memory Game

  • Hidden Objects

  • Puzzle

  • Find a Pair

  • Matching Game

Note: Although user sees his time after every game only the best time registered in the leaderboard.

Let's learn how you can set up a leaderboard to your game by using Memory game as an example. Once you are in the editor, click anywhere in the working space. You will see the additional features panel on the right side of your screen.


Start to set a leaderboard, by checking the enable player ratings box. This setting must be active.


Set number of attempts. Write amount of attempts to let user play this game only certain amount of time.


When we determine the number of tries user can play, we are actually tracking the user's browser. User can play again only if he change his browser.

You can set links to service policies.


User will have to agree to them to enter the game. Here is an example of how this setting might look like:

Accept our <a href="https://acme-corp-example.com" target="_blank">Terms of use</a>


Additionally you may want to request user email before game starts. For do this, check ask user email box.


Now let's publish the game and see how it works.


User should put his nickname before the game start. This nickname will be showed in the leaderboard. Moreover, he should put his email, if you checked ask user email box.


After game ends, the result will shows in the leader board screen.


We remind you that you can always check leaderboard in the statistic section. To do this, click on statistics/leads button in my project tab.


Click on Memory tab.


You will see leaderboard with the best result of the game.


If you want to start a new rating, click on Start a new rating. New leaderboard will be created for your game and players progress resets. It can be useful if you want to start new competition every day.

Previous leaderboard will be frozen, and you cannot change it.



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