This tool lets you add a rating system for players in your project. When you turn on this feature, players will see a timer keeping track of their time. Once a game is finished, users will see a list of players organized by their fastest times.

This function is supported only for PRO+ and higher subscription levels.

demonstration of a leaderboard on Interacty

Leaderboards are supported for the following games:

  • Memory Game

  • Hidden Objects

  • Puzzle

  • Find a Pair

  • Matching Game

  • Sliding Puzzle

  • Crossword

While users can view their time after each game, only the best time will be recorded in the leaderboard.

Let's explore how you can set up a leaderboard for your game using the Memory game as an example. Once you are in the editor, click anywhere in the working space to reveal the additional features panel on the right side of your screen.

Memory game block on Interacty

To initiate the leaderboard, activate the "Enable Player Ratings" box; this setting must be active.

setting up the gamification for the Memory Game

Specify the number of attempts, indicating the allowed number of tries for the user to play the game.

This setting is linked to the user's browser, enabling a reset only if they switch to a different browser.

specifying the number of attempts for your project on Interacty

You can also set links to service policies, which users must agree to before entering the game.

setting up links to service policies on Interacty

Here is an example of what this setting might look like:

Accept our <a href="https://acme-corp-example.com" target="_blank">Terms of use</a>

Additionally, you may choose to request the user's email before the game starts by checking the "Ask User Email" box.

asking user email before the game start on Interacty

Now, publish the game and observe how it functions.

Publishing your Memory Game on Interacty

Before starting the game, the user should enter their nickname, which will be displayed in the leaderboard. If you checked the "Ask User Email" box, they should also provide their email.

user writing his email to play your memory game on Interacty

After the game concludes, the results will be showcased on the leaderboard screen.

leaderboard screen on Interacty

Please note that you can always check the leaderboard in the "Statistics/Leads" section. To do this, click on the "Statistics/Leads" button in the "My Project" tab.

Memory matching game statistics on Interacty

Navigate to the Memory tab.

memory game statistics

You'll find the leaderboard displaying the best results for the game.

memory game leaderboard

If you wish to initiate a new rating, click on "Start a New Rating." A new leaderboard will be created for your game, and player progress will reset. This can be beneficial if you want to start a new competition daily.

Keep in mind that the previous leaderboard will be frozen, and no changes can be made to it.

leads from your memory game on Interacty


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