What is Interacty?

On Interacty users create different types of Interactives: games, quizzes and other content. Our goal is a product where users may create apps with no code in a short period of time.

Interacty based on three main principles:

1) You can mix different blocks (types of interactives) in the same project and use navigation pages in the project.

2) Customize styles and add content localizations.

3) Interacty project can be embedded everywhere: on your site or LMS.

These principles help to create numerous of projects and implement any ideas.

What tasks you can solve with Interacty:

1) Standalone lead forms and lead forms in the games/quizzes help you to collect users' contact data.

2) Engage and activate your audience with marketing games and quizzes.

3) Organize contests using leaderboards

4) Education and knowledge check.

There're many tasks Interacty users solve daily so we cannot mention all of them. Interacty like an interactive swiss-knife and you can use different tools for your professional tasks.

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