Custom project ID

Make a custom project ID is a great opportunity to give a name to your project and make it looks even more interesting for your customers.

Typically a project link looks like this:

You may change it to be like this:

How to change your project ID

We careful: for using this feature you required to have PRO or higher plan of your account

To do this with your published project, go to My Projects and click Edit next to the project you are interested in.

Choose Sharing Options section.

Activate the custom link for your project button

Fill the field with the new unique name of your project.

You can check availability of this name by clicking Check availability button.

If it suits you well, click Save.

Done! Now you have a new unique name of your project. Click Publish to save your changes.

Now you can share a new link to your project with your customers or friends. Good luck!

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