How to create a Slideshow

A slideshow is a demonstration of a series of still images, pre-selected on a specific topic.

Learn to create a Slideshow with this video tutorial:


Create a template

Sign in to your profile on To create a Slideshow, click Template Gallery (1) or Create (2) button.

Select Slideshow.

Select the template you like from the list by clicking Edit (1) button. The Preview (2) button will allow you to preview the template.

Editing a template

A slideshow consists of a series of images. To add your line of images, click on Edit Content.

In the editor window, there are already selected images that you need to replace with your own. To do this, click on the camera icon on image.

There are 2 ways to upload a new image. Directly from your computer or using the Unsplash Library.

My Library - Images you previously used in other templates. They can be downloaded from Unsplash or from your computer. To add an image from your device, click Upload Media.

Unsplash Library - Direct access to the Unsplash stock photo service. Enter a subject into the search and select the image you like. Click Place Image.

Design the slides and add a description to them (if necessary).

Use this panel to move the image, make a copy of it, or delete it.

The More Text Options feature will help you add more information to your image.

Use the Add new button to add a new image to your list.

After entering all the information, click the Save button.

Save and Share

Click the Preview and evaluate the current state of your project.

Try your slideshow and don't forget to rate how it looks on different devices. To do this, switch between the phone and personal computer (1) icons. If you notice an error or decide to fix anything, return to the Editor (2) by selecting the appropriate menu item.

Don't forget to select a Title (1) for your project. This will make it easier to find him. After that, you can safely click the Publish (2) button.

Your project is ready! You can share with your friends by sending a link, or choosing any other convenient way.

You can always return to editing your template again by clicking the Edit (1) button in the list of profile projects. You can also check Statistics/leads (2) by clicking the corresponding button.


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