How to work in team

Interacty's Team (Organization) feature is a powerful tool that enables collaborative project work with your teammates and colleagues, allowing you to easily share projects. The team owner has the ability to decide which projects should be visible to other team members. Here's how you, as the owner, can do this:

  1. Click on the gear icon located next to the project you wish to share with your team.

  2. Select the "Make visible to the team" option.

Make Interacty project visible to your team

Once you've completed these steps, the chosen project will be visible to all your teammates.

Important Notes:

  1. Teammates will have access to all the features provided in the owner's tariff plan, even if they have a free tariff plan.

  2. As the owner, you can view all projects created by your teammates within the organization. However, your teammates can only see the projects that you have marked as visible.

  3. To prevent the loss of unsaved information, we recommend working on your team projects one at a time.

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