What is Organization?

Team (organization) is a great tool which allows you to work on your project together with your teammates/colleagues and share each other's projects fast and easy. You can see this function on the left side of your screen in My Projects tab:

Learn more about organizations tool with this video tutorial:

Add a team profile picture

To add a logo, click on three dots icon first:

Select Change logo:

There are 2 ways to upload a new image. Directly from your computer or using the Unsplash Library.
  • My Library section contains images you previously used in other projects. They can be uploaded from Unsplash or from your computer.
  • Unsplash Library is direct access to the Unsplash stock photo service.
  • Upload Media button allows you to add an image from your computer. Let's use this option to upload a logo:
We recommend you to prepare profile picture in advance.

Find a logo on your computer:

After the file upload, click Place image:

It's done! You will see a new logo on your team profile picture:

Choose a name

To change your organization's name, click on three dots icon first:

Choose Rename section:

Write a new name for your organization:

Invite a new user

To invite a new user to your team, click on three dots icon first:

Select Manage team section:

Enter an email of your teammate/colleague:

Perfect! The invitation has been successfully sent:

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