How to invite user

You can invite your colleague/teammate to join your organization. To do this, click on three dots icon first:

inviting user to your organization on Interacty

Select Manage team section:

manage your team on Interacty

You will see an invitation window. Enter an email of your teammate/colleague:

Invite your colleague to your team on Interacty

Perfect! The invitation has been successfully sent:

sending an invitation to your teammate on Interacty

If the user doesn't see the email, make sure it's not in the spam folder and the address is correct.

You can cancel your invitation, by clicking Remove button, if needed:

managing your team on Interacty

Your colleague will get an invitation to his email. He will see an automatically generated password for his account. To accept your invitation, he must click Sign In button:

invitation to join your team on Interacty

User can change his password after first login.

From now on, you will see your colleague as a new member in your Organization:

new member of your organization on Interacty

Teammate will able to use all features provided in owner's tariff plan.

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