How to Publish a Project

Publish button allows you to make your projects visible to everyone. Creators using this button when project is complete to share with audience. After Publish a project becomes visible to the Internet via unique link.

How to publish my project?

To publish your project, just click on Publish button after editing is done.

After publishing, you may still edit project but changes became visible to the Internet after new publishing only. Feel free to edit and then click Publish when needed.

Link is an item like a word or button that leads you to another website. Link of your project is unique address which allows users to find your project. You can share the link with your friends or customers to invite them in your project.

To see a link, when you finish to create your project, click on Publish button.

You will see a link. You can copy it and send to your friends or customers. You can also share your link through the social media or embed it in your Website or LMS.

Keep in mind that your link will be available to anyone on the internet. If your friend or customer share your link with his friend, he can also see your project. If you want to make a private access to your project, read this guide:

If you have already published your project and want to copy a link to it, there is another way. Go to My Projects tab and click Share/Embed button.

You will see the same page. Now you can copy this link and send to anyone you need.

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