My projects

My projects is a page when you can watch and evaluate the current state of your all projects. To open this page, click on My Projects in top menu.

You can see two main tabs: Drafts and Published with a list of projects on each tab.

Drafts tab is a page with your unfinished projects. No one can see it and you can always return to edit by clicking Edit button.

If you never published project it dispayed in Drafts, meaning that the project not visible to the Internet.

Published tab contains projects that have been published.

Project Actions

A number of actions available for each project:


Share/embed (allows to copy a sharable link or project embed code):


Some information available for each project: Last modified and Published date.

Three dots menu

By clicking on three dots menu you can do such options as:

Clone project. Make exact copy of your project.

Pay your attention that this would be another project with it's own changes.

Rename button helps you to change the name of your projects at any time.

Finally, use Delete button if you want to delete your projects. We careful you will not be able to restore your data in this case.


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