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My Projects is where you can view and assess the current status of all your projects. To access this page, simply click on My Projects in the top menu.

My projects page on Interacty

You'll notice badges labeled Draft or Live on each of your projects. The "Draft" badge indicates your unfinished projects, which are not visible to others. You can always edit these by clicking the "Edit" button. Projects marked as "Draft" are not yet visible on the internet until you choose to publish them.

demonstration of a draft project on Interacty

On the other hand, the Live badge, shown in green, signifies projects that have been published and are accessible via their respective links on the internet.

Live project demonstration on Interacty

Project Actions

The actions available for each project are:

  1. Edit: This option takes you into the editor, allowing adjustments to your existing project.

  2. Statistics/Leads: Accesses the statistics page where you can view project stats and data from lead forms.

  3. Share/Embed: Enables copying a shareable link or project embed code for your website.

  4. Each project also displays "Last Modified" and "Published" dates.

project actions explanation

Settings menu

The gear icon represents the settings menu. Here are the features available by clicking on this menu:

  1. Clone Project: Make an exact copy of your project. Useful for saving a version or modifying without changing the original.

    It's important to note that this action results in a completely separate project, allowing you to make changes without affecting the original.

  2. Rename: Change the name of your projects anytime.

  3. Delete: Removes the project. Be careful, as data cannot be restored after deletion.

  4. Manage Domains: Manages custom domains. Learn more about this feature [here](link).

  5. Move to Folder: If you've organized your projects into specific folders, this option helps move your project to the designated folder for better organization.

settings menu on Interacty

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