How to create a folder

Do you know that you can create folders for managing and organizing your projects? In this quick guide we will show you how.

How to create a folder

To do this, click Create folder button in My Projects tab:

creating a folder on Interacty

Enter the name of your folder and click Create button:

naming a folder on Interacty

The new folder will appear on your screen:

creating a new folder to sort your projects on Interacty

How do I move my project to a folder?

As easy as pie! Just click on the gear icon, next to the project you want to add:

moving Interacty project to a folder

Select Move to folder option:

move to folder option on Interacty

Choose your folder:

choosing a folder

Then, click on Move button:

Move button on Interacty

That's it. Your project will appear in new folder:

project appeared in a folder on Interacty

How to create a subfolder

Moreover, you can create a folder inside another one. To do this, just click Create folder while you are in the parent folder:

creating a subfolder on Interacty

You can create as much folders as you want and organizing your project the way you want:

organizing your projects on Interacty

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