Each project can be built from many blocks. If you ran out of blocks or you need to provide additional information to your project you can always add more blocks.


How to add a new block

Click on plus icon or choose All Blocks in the bottom menu if you want to add a new block to your project.

Clicking plus icon to create a new block in Interacty online editor

In the pop-up menu, choose the type of Interactive you want to add. It could be the same one or you can even add the other product.

Demonstration of a list of interactive mechanics on Interacty such as Memory Game, Trivia Quiz, etc.

After that, you will see a new block in your project.

New flip card block available in your Interacty project

You can insert your block to any position by clicking plus icon.

Plus icon to add more interactive blocks to your project

Edit a block

You can always move your blocks lower or higher by using arrow icons on top-right corner of your card.

Arrow buttons that wllows you to move your interactive block lower or higher in Interacty online editor

To make a copy of a block, press on layers icon. This might be useful, when you only need to change a little bit with not creating a new block from the beginning.

Layers icon to duplicate your block in Interacty online editor

To delete, use trash bin icon

Trash bin icon to remove interactive block in Interacty online editor

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