What are Pages?

Pages is an awesome feature which helps to add a few pages into Interacty project, place different content and setup links. You can design complex projects with different games. Let's consider an example. We’re exiting to announce new type of content Game Campaigns. Educators will be able to design a group of linked pages and create a more engaging content.


All projects have one Main Page by default and you can create as many additional Pages as you need using Add page button on the left Editor panel. Then you can connect Pages via buttons. Your users will navigate between Pages completing different tasks.


Let’s look at wonderful Treasure Map | Multilevel Game template which uses Pages. https://interacty.me/templates/25322075. Each flag on the map opens a new task on the new Page. Then the next quest task appears on the map. Following this chain of quests user goes through the game. To start, click on the first quest (red flag) and complete the task:

Demonstration of a multi-level interactive game created on Interacty platform

This game has 7 pages, including final prize page where you would like to add a special coupons, codes or student rewards:

Demonstration of the final page of a multi-level digital game created using the Interacty platform

How this template organized? Interactive Image block used as a main map. Firstly, a new page with Quest 1 page was designed. Then we selected the red flag (1) and added transition to Quiz Page by clicking Internal page (2) option.

Demonstration of how to create multi-level digital game on Interacty platform using Interactive image block

Navigate between different pages using the left panel. On the Quest 1 page we added a transition to the next map state. This time it’s a call to action button on the Trivia result screen. Please note, that you also can add transition only for Successful result and don’t allow user to go further with mistakes.

Navigating between different pages on Interacty platform

Doing the same way template author was able to connect all project Pages.


We just briefly went through only one project. Pages will help you to implement many awesome ideas. We hope you find this feature useful.


Tell us about you cases and ideas!

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